Now we’re sure to get our astrology marks!

Now everypony is pretty!



((We now return to our irregularly scheduled program.))

((Reblogging for the 2014 crowd!))

Now everything is normal again!

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Another dramatic Pirate Terry™ post!

Ask Box is open if you want to get in on this level of writing and artistic quality.

Good luck Pirate Terry, and may the puns be with you!


PirateWorm is totally canon. This material is rated P for Pirate.

((See, PD? Wouldn’t Twilight look better as a pegwing? She looks so silly like this.))


The views that europeans are strange expressed by Terry and Pirate Dash, do not reflect the views of Pirate Terry™, its affiliates, or the National Baseball League, except for the BBC, because they’re all strange europeans.

Europeans *are* strange


Coming soon: The 50th anniversary special in only 49.99 years.

Congrats on 50 years!
Which may or may not have already happened.
Time travel is weird.


Totally canon to all blogs everywhere, especially this one.

Good luck TJ, for the future of us all!

((Everything on Ask Pirate Terry is completely canon to both this blog and Ask Pirate Dash))