I hope everypony has a happy Hearts and Hooves day!

((And a little homage to the regular Mario Kart group: Myself, and the mods for Pirate Dash, Acetic Rarity, Inkblot Answers, and Lyra and BonBon (Who I used Zilof’s OC Crooked Verge for).

But I’d like to address something a little more serious for Valentine’s Day, AKA Singles Awareness Day. I know a lot of people who don’t have somebody to spend V-Day with, and that can really get a person down. Especially when it happens consistently. I’ve been there. But here’s the thing: What good does it do you to spend the day moping at home, trying to avoid anything lovey dovey during this onslaught of sickeningly sweet media? Instead, I have a challenge for you.

Get out. Stop making excuses, and just go out and have some fun.  Make this day about you. Don’t go out to “go on the prowl” or expect to meet somebody, just go out and have a good time, regardless of whether you can find anybody to have it with.

Go see that movie that you wanted to but your friends didn’t want to see. Go check out that club that you were curious about but never got around to checking out. Go do something you haven’t done before. Couples aren’t the only ones that can have a good time. Your success is not determined by who you’re in a relationship with.

And if you do meet somebody, just be yourself. It’s better they see the real you than somebody you’re trying to be.

Ok, maybe dial it back a bit.

… little bit more.

You know what? Close enough.))

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